About us



LOHAS Recycling is the company dedicate to the sustainable development, especially on the recycling area.

In the UK, LOHAS Recycling’s main business is  on both plastic recycled trading and rapid fermentation system.

In Asia LOHAS Recycling is developing our high speed fermentation system in the industrial waste or organic city waste.

We aim at  improving the environment where we live, the earth, by using new technology which LOHAS Recycling newly develop.



With solving agricultural and environmental issues as our vision, recycle agriculture as the core concept, and with the consolidation of numerous exceptional research outcomes and innovative technologies, our team’s ultimate value is to accomplish the enrichment of our soil and achieve environmental recycling as a whole.


The Rapid Fermentation Technology is the world’s only nondestructive and innovative concept that revolutionizes the traditional microbial composting process. With the  use of patented enzymes and equipment, organic wastes are stabilized and matured within 3 hours, no need of post-maturization, and the product is ready-to-use. Our zero pollution technology is able to avoid bad smell and waste water produced during the process. It is absolutely the best solution for agricultural waste recycling and environmental protection.

1. Turn local wastes into organic fertilizer which back to the palm plantation

2. Balance PH of soil

3. Less than 3 hours process

4. 1/10 of the space

5. pollution free solution

6. zero organic matter loss



LOHAS is an abbreviation for Life of Health and Sustainability.

We want to contribute to creating a lifestyle that is sustainable, helps reduce pollution and provides a better quality environment to the next generation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These 3 R’s form LOHAS’s core values. We want to practice this as a company sensitive to environmental issues and contributing to better sustainable living.